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The crank organ is an instrument which is traditionally played by traveling musicians in the street to catch the attention of robbers-neck and advertise a magic lantern show, a marmot or bear dancing act (Savoy’s sweep) or to launch a satirical cabaret singer and therefore to spread seditious texts.

 The tune-list is made up of Opera tunes, fashionable tunes and popular songs. Sometimes the lyrics are changed and replaced with satirical tracts against Louis Philippe, Napoleon III or nationalist diatribes against the Kaiser William of Prussia. Early in the 20th century, street artists appeared and spread the essential “pocket formats”.

Technically, crank organs are rather barrel organs which can be carried on the chest thanks to a shoulder strap and supported by a stand. The ornamental frontages charm the passers-by, who marvel at the instrument while the crank turner has a rest. However the sound is loud and the music is in thus the villagers open their windows and gather to listen to the melodies they like.

The monkey, the dog and the other performing animals entertain people who easily get closer to the musician and give him a little money.

The crank organs we manufacture are all pipe instruments.
They are real acoustic and programmable instruments that play a large tune-list to choose among various musical supports available: card books, paper rolls, even electronic supports. The choice of the musical support depends on the way you want to use the organ and the budget you have, it will determine the musical styles you will be able to play. Our tune-list is the largest you can find.
The part of the organ which makes the sound is traditional and acoustic with pipes of various shapes and tones: flutes, bourdon stops, trumpets, violins… whereas the memory support of the musical work is changing to become lighter and lighter, handy and less expensive.
The set is done according to your taste; you can choose painting,
inlaid, woodcarving (pediments, columns, balusters) and automatas.


Please click on the pictures above, you will find all our models. Each instrument has its own characteristics which are described in forms and summarized in a comparative table. They have all special vocations and far-reaching possibilities.   

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