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Belcanto painted or veneered
Bel Canto with paintings
from €. 5500

Belcanto Louis XVI in cherry-wood
Bel Canto "Louis XVI" style

price on request

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Les Crayons 4'40'' 4,27 Mo
La Tour Eiffel 3'59'' 3,65 Mo
Les Amant d'un Jour 3'33'' 3,25 Mo

Extracts from  "Le Ludion,
20 ans d'Amour et de Printemps" Cd's






Keyless grind organ with 27 notes and 27 pipes.
Large tune-list of cardboard books. All types of songs suitable for singing accompaniment.
Cabinet easy to carry, custom-decorated with fine paintings to suit your taste.
Options: shoulder strap, stand




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BelCanto with carvings (Mary Poppins)
Bel Canto or Baladino with carvings
-Mary Poppins-

Accessories :
Stand                     €. 240
Cart                        €. 960
Music pro meter: €. 5.



Some samples of customized artcase.
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