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Bluebell Polka of Scotland 3'08'' 2,87Mo
Cheeks to cheeks 3'24'' 3,12Mo
New York, New York 2'52'' 2,62Mo
Stars and Stripes 2'13'' 2,04Mo
Summertime 3'00' 3,12Mo

Maestro with paintings
from €.13 500



Maestro with inlaid

32-note street organ with 77 pipes and 3 stops : tin flutes, wooden bourdons, trumpets.
The wooden trumpets provide a powerful yet mellow tone.
This organ is capable of extremely fine musical shading and variety, as the organ-grinder controls the three pipe ranks with the stops.
Large selection of tunes available, including songs and carrousel music.

Fairground-style cabinet with columns and pediment similar to the larger organs; customed decoration and colors.


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"In the Past Time"

"Venician Comedy"

Cart        €. 980
Stand:     €.580
Music per meter : €. 6.


"The Musketer"

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