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MORTIER 92 keys Dance Organ Restoration

At this page,  you have an idea of the lot of work we do to restore a huge 92keys MORTIER Dance Organ. To satisfy the owner, our team worked hard and we join a lot of know-how.
Have a look !

Severals differents views before dismantling
Baxophone + Xylophone

Baxophone stop (special reeds stop with square resonator) just above the palissander xylophon

Another special stop : the Jazz-flute. It's a chimney bourdon with a hole and a pallet valve which is moving with a special tremulant. Flutes Jazz
Saxophone From the Roaring 20's : Saxophones.
Violas and cellos for the accompaniement. Violons et Cellos

During the dismantling of the central cabinet, around the 15 of march 2000.

demontage avant Ludovic cut the main hose from the wind chest to the posted basses in the pediment.
Difficult to reach, this main hose... demontage (detail)
demontage boite a touches The keyframe is turned down to reach the wind-chest

The bellow unit.

The bellow unit alone without all accessories soufflerie demontee
eclisses anciennes these pieces of cardboard have 87 years old !...
Complete cleaning of wooden parts of the bellows Nettoyage de la pompe
Pompe propre It's ready.
New pieces of cardboard Eclisses neuves
Fabrication des clapets On the left hand side, an old pallet valve. On the right hand side, Cyrille makes new ones.

The Wind-Chest

Sommier demonte, nu en attente. It's possible to have a dinner for sixteen persons.
After cleaning, the same . Sommier replane.
Pilotes A lot of cylinder pallet valve.
Ludovic glues two parts of a hose together. Porte-Vents
Pose des Soupapes Whith a brush, one by one, he replaces pallet valves on the wind chest.
It's done!... Sommier referme

The keyframe

Commande de registres A lot of pallet valves, one for each pipes...

The Cabinet

Vernis du buffet Veneer and varnish are usual for Daniel, the wood worker. His french varnishes are very well known.
To restore, it's working with humility to transfer the patrimonial to the next generations... consolidation des plinthes de la facade.

The Front

Reparation des sculptures Serge replace pieces of carvings.
Sandrine sands, sands and paints...  Sandrine, She is colorfull. Remise en couleurs

This page have changed from March to September 2000, according to the restoration... Now we begin a new challenge...


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