Le LUDION, Fair- Band- Street- and Monkey- Organs Manufacturer

Consulting & Expertise


Our job, our experience since 1976 and our knowledge of collectors’ field allow us to help you to build your collection, to valuate your musical patrimony and to sell your collector’s item. Some items we offer are for sale on the website www.The-Mart.com.

We assist you for researching the most suitable solution to build your collection or to part with the items you don’t want any longer. You can visit the web page www.musique-mecanique.com to see what we achieved during auctions.

We manage inventory and valuation with a view to dividing up after a succession or contracts of insurance everywhere in Europe. 


Philippe Crasse
Expert Judiciaire près la Cour d'Appel de Toulouse.
Agréé par le Conseil National des Ventes Volontaires sous le N° 2008-6568.
Membre de la CNES - Chambre Nationale des Experts Spécialisés




Moreover, we are qualified to design, to implement and to promote cultural or educational exhibitions, playful or prestigious events with the best artists and instruments.

Have a look at the web page www.musiquemecanique.com



LE LUDION , 302 avenue de Fronton
Tel +33 561 573 722
Mobile +33 607 624 394

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