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 Please fully accept our purchase terms upon placed order. Any order must be materialized by an acknowledgement of delivery with the following mentions: item ordered, price, delivery time, terms of payment.


 Our instruments are priced Ex-work in European currency (€). Packing, freight and custom duties are not included.

Delivery time

 It is specified the day of the order. For most instruments, standard delivery takes 1-3 months. For special orders, delivery time is given in the estimate.

Terms of payment

 You can pay using bank or postal check, transfer, credit card, cash or Paypal: a 30% partial payment with the order, a 30% installment during works for orders which exceed 9,000€ and then complete remittance against the invoice when delivery is done at the forwarding agent. We provide you with payment facilities with monthly or quarterly installments for orders which exceed 15,000€. In case of suspension of payment for any reason during or at the end of works, accounts are not refundable. Spare parts, tune-list and small material are paid cash on delivery. Late penalties are incurred in case of delay in settlement according to the going rate for bank overdraft.

Reservation of title

 The transfer of ownership occurs with the payment in full of the agreed price. We can take the commodity back if the payment is not completed at the due date, it leads to the rescission of the sale ipso juro. Accounts paid by the purchaser are not refundable in consideration of the purchaser’s enjoyment of the commodity.


 Risks and fees are transferred to the buyer as soon as the items are shipped or picked up. Any transport or insurance fee is supported by the forwarding agent.


 You have guarantee concerning the organs we manufacture: two years pieces and work in our workshop. For the bigger instruments, you can foresee the cost of our craftsman journey and stay, for setting up and transfer maintenance. For the others, you receive all technical data necessary and ever we have spares parts.


En cas de litige, le Tribunal de Commerce de Toulouse est seul compétent.



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