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This web page is for listening to our tune-list and ordering.
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arrange music for music books, paper rolls and microchip cards. Our online catalog features the best tune-list for :

  • Our crank, fair and chamber organs

  • Old builders’ organs : as Limonaire, Gasparini, Thibouville-Lamy, Hooghuys, Marenghi, Gavioli, Bruder, Ruth & Sohne, Bursens, Arburo, Carl Frei, Mortier, etc...

  • Others Contemporary builders’ organs : We punch music books for most makers of european contemporary mechanical musical  instruments.


Now, You have to choose!...

among 2480 musical pieces available now!


To listen to our tunes, please fill out the form as follow:

  1. Enter your contact details.

  2. Select your organ brand.

  3. Choose your organ model: number of keys, mechanical device, pneumatic or microchip cards. Nota: if you cannot find your organ in the list, click here.

  4. Use the navigation index to find your musical pieces by alphabetical order, by topic, by author, by composer, by singer, by style or by year. If you want to know who makes the musical arrangements, click on notation.
     N.B. In the list, the article is not allowed.

  5. By clicking on the button for load speaker, you will listen to a 25-second extract of a midi file of one these arrangements. Please mind this is not the sound of the organ but of your computer!

  6. To order musical pieces, tick “order” in the right-hand column. The total amount will appear in the box at the top of the table.
    : you cannot assess the price of the microchip cards and pocket PC files properly because of their all-in price. Please have a look on the reported page of each organs for pricing. Don’t pay attention to the value displayed by the database.

  7. You will be asked your complete email and postal details on a new web page. The order will be effective when you confirm the information Don’t forget to click the button “validate.


Now, You have to choose!...

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