Le LUDION, Fair- Band- Street- and Monkey- Organs Manufacturer


Mechanical organs should be sad with mechanical music. The future of our traditionnal Art needs good music-arrangers for perfect music arrangements.
We feature a wide variety of music styles, realistic, humoristic and even Jazz or Classic. You may ask yourself, « is the tune-list for a mechanical organ infinite ?». Now, please, taste the french touch.
To help ourselves in that way, we designed a set of machines, based on Midi standard :

  • for music-arrangements (Midi keyboard and computer) with an integrated music publishing software CUBASE from Steinberg

  • for scanning in real-time, antique music paper-rolls, music books or cylinders (through a video interface)

  • at the end, a computer driven-punching machine, with an interchangeable tool

Thanks to that technology, we propose to make music from your own selection, recorded on tape, CD', floppy disks or send by E-mail

Just we need the type of your organ and the keyframe. Concerning the restoration of old cardbooks, our scanner sightreads them. Then the missing or damaged parts are restored on a computer screen, and transferred on a new support.

Have a ear on our Tune-List, or on page DISCOGRAPHY,
see our CD's.

LE LUDION , 302 avenue de Fronton
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